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Novellus are proud to announce the acquisition of Native Finance, an intelligent real estate data platform.


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Lending Solutions

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Lending Solutions


Novellus underwriters are credit backed so when terms are quoted there is one less risk of a credit committee or funding line rejecting an application. Using our own capital – yes means yes. The flexibility afforded by our capital and experience means we can create entirely bespoke solutions and we are not restricted by many elements of criteria which you might otherwise see. 

Novellus Bridging is an unregulated lender, we offer loans from £500,000, with no upper limit. We understand borrower profile and assets and as such, have the flexibility in our approach to apply more weight to one or the other when appropriate. 

Our Solutions

Auction Loan

Our bridging loan solutions are extremely well suited to auction purchases. Often, these acquisitions are time sensitive and there are some challenges to either the asset class, title or both. A bridging loan can enable the issues to be remedied before refinancing onto a cheaper form of capital. Novellus will engage early and our certainty of funds can be a great comfort for making that decisive bid. Choosing the right partner is key and Novellus will often engage and “pre-approve” up to a level which gives the purchaser and our partners the confidence they can to perform in the room.

Our Solutions


Short term lending on a Buy-to-Let can be a good solution if the timescale to perform or the rent cover ratio is under pressure. Novellus can be a great home for a short period of time while more long-term sustainable funding is secured. We often assist if a chain has broken or a time sensitive opportunity to acquire an asset cheaply presents itself to a prospective borrower.

Our Solutions

Buy Land

We understand land and the value of it. Many of our competitors struggle with the valuation of an asset class that is not necessarily income producing. We have experience in the cycle from land without planning all the way through to full consent (and everything in between). This is a space in which we are absolutely comfortable.

Our Solutions

Commercial Loan

Buying commercial properties is incredibly competitive which means you need swift access to funds. We understand the market extremely well, taking into account change of use, value-adding potential and specific borrower/ asset circumstances. Having a funding partner like Novellus can often be the difference between securing or missing out on an asset. It can, on occasion, enable you to perform to a much tighter time frame which can be offset against purchase price.