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London has always been known for its economic importance and its rich and diverse heritage, including its numerous retail centres, historical sites and attractions. London is a centre for industry and tourism, as well as a hub for the millions of people who live in and around it.

London is an attractive location for property development and investment; if you are looking to start or expand a property business in the area, speak to Novellus Bridging about their products, ideal for property developers and individuals looking for investment properties in London.

Bridging Explained

What Is A Bridging Loan?

Bridging loans are short-term finance options. Novellus brings the added benefit of making an application for a loan a straightforward and swift process. This makes Novellus an ideal source for those who require funds quickly.

To secure a loan, the borrower must provide an asset, such as property that can act as security. The repayment term for a bridging loan is usually between 6-12 months, but if circumstances dictate, this can be shorter. The borrower must have a clear exit plan in place, such as refinancing or selling the asset.

Bridging Finance London





Bridging finance can be used for a multitude of purposes, some of the more common uses are:


Bridging for commercial purposes

Commercial Purchases – obtaining a loan for commercial purchases can be a long process, which can result in the borrower losing out on a deal. Bridging loans provide funding quickly, allowing investors the opportunity to secure purchases ahead of other buyers.


Bridging for rental business

Buy-to-let – Due to the high population, rental property is always in demand in London. As an investment opportunity, buy-to-let is popular with many investors vying for the same properties. To ensure they do not lose out on lucrative deals, many choose bridging loans initially to secure the purchase of a property, which then allows time to secure long-term finance.

Property refurbishment

Bridging for property renovation

Property Refurbishment– As London continues to grow and develop, property of a high standard is in constant demand. Property developers looking at renovations and refurbishments often need finance to do so.  Bridging loans offer a funding solution for property owners, enabling them to undertake refurbishments without delay to help improve assets and increase their value.

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If you or your company are seeking short-term finance then you can apply for a bridging loan. To be approved you must have a high-value asset to act as security, as well as a clear and achievable exit strategy. Common borrowers include those who wish to buy a property quickly and/or are unable to obtain finance from traditional lenders. This may happen particularly if the property is not classed as habitable and may not meet a bank’s lending criteria. Property developers working on projects that require funding for building works and/or planning permission are frequent users of bridging finance also.

Here at Novellus, we have no external credit committee, which means the approval process is faster, allowing for quicker decisions than most of our competitors can provide. We provide a service for those who might not be able to secure traditional funding from High Street banks. Some forms of lending can take several months to process an application from start to finish, whereas at Novellus the timescales are quick for both the approval and the application process.

Novellus provide unregulated bridging loans, ranging from £500,000 with no upper limit. Our Loan To Values (LTV) is usually between 50 – 70%, we can discuss applications based on their individual merits.

To find out what the costs of a bridging loan could be, use our loan calculator for guidance.

The Benefits

Why choose Novellus for Bridging Finance


Can Anyone Apply for a Bridging Loan?

We consider every application on an individual basis and provide a straightforward process. Anyone can apply for a bridging loan, we have no fixed products or criteria and base each application on its own merits when making a decision.

Novellus offers a stress-free application process.
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