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Commercial Bridging

We underwrite on a case by case basis with no restriction on criteria. We are a ‘common sense’ lender and can make swift decisions, making the whole loan process very simple for the borrower.

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Why choose Novellus for Commercial Bridging Finance



Investors looking to purchase commercial property often have to act quickly. If finance is already tied up elsewhere within an existing portfolio, buyers will need an option to acquire appropriate funding quickly or risk losing out on a purchase. This is where commercial bridging loans can be useful.

Long term finance can take several months to secure. Many of the best opportunities present themselves with a change of use and/or add value potential. The most experienced and successful commercial property investors often recognise this and that’s where using Novellus and their deep understanding of the investment market can help to secure a loan.

If borrowers are struggling to raise the funds required, Novellus can take into account the specific circumstances around the asset and borrower, allowing for more flexible lending. This is one of the reasons property investors may choose a bridging loan for commercial properties.




Commercial bridging loans are used to buy commercial property. They can be used to purchase mixed-use developments. This could include a retail unit with a flat (s) above, an office complex, or a development area that will include residential and commercial aspects. A commercial bridging loan is a short term funding option which is generally used to bridge the gap while long term borrowings are obtained or a change of planning/use is established thus increasing the value of the security.


Commercial bridging loans can be used for buying commercial premises or mixed-use property. If the commercial property does not qualify for a mortgage due to the current poor condition, a commercial bridging loan can allow the purchaser time to renovate it first before then applying for long term finance on the property. It can also be a good solution if there are outstanding planning issues which once resolved will make the asset better suited to the mainstream market.

Bridging finance is a good option when funding is needed quickly to secure the property prior to someone else buying it or if purchasing through an auction. When buying through auction it is necessary to pay a deposit immediately, followed by the full balance, usually within 28 days. Often buyers can leverage having the funds immediately available when making an offer and this can enable a discount to be negotiated.

Novellus normally provide loan terms between 6-12 months. The borrower is not tied into the full term but can pay off the loan at any time within that period without incurring any early repayment fees (save for the interest payable during the repayment notification period). Funds can often be released in a matter of days after the application has been approved.

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