5 Cheapest Places to Buy Land in the UK

UK is a preferred destination for people to buy land in. With rich history, culture, a growing job market and beautiful rural scenery, there is a lot of interest in settling down there. But how do you find the cheapest and best places to live when you are looking to move house?

To help you find the best places to live in the UK, we’ve collected the most affordable land prices from various sources.


Where Is The Cheapest Land In The UK? 

Looking for a bargain is easy if you’re willing to put the work in. In our list of five cheapest places to buy land in the UK, we’ve listed down the areas that offer the best value for money.

 So let’s take a look at our ranking for the 5 cheapest places to buy land in the UK.


1.     Sunderland

One of the most desirable places to live in the UK is Sunderland, which has been voted one of the most enjoyable places to live in the country. There are also low-cost commuting options and a vibrant city centre. There are many two-bedroom houses that are only slightly more expensive but with good transport connections.

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2.     Copeland

The Western Lake District area is located along the western boundary of England. This region is famous for its pristine beaches, expansive valleys, and lakes situated around Copeland. A flat in this area can cost you around £84,494, making it one of the most affordable places in the UK to save for a deposit.

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3.     Port Talbot

The valleys of Port Talbot are located near the National Park of Wales’ Brecon Beacons. With world-class mountain biking trails, a seaside, and a beautiful waterfall on its doorstep, the area has plenty to offer to outdoor lovers. The town’s leisure centre is currently undergoing a multi-million-pound renovation that will include a swimming pool, cafe, gym, and health suite. The new library and shopping area will also be constructed off Water Street.

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4.     Elgin 

Located in the Scottish Highlands, the town of Elgin is just east of the city of Inverness in the area of Moray. It makes the list as one of the top five places in Scotland to live in based on the quality of life. The area is also known for its beautiful coastline, which features cliffs, caves, sandy beaches, and dolphins playing in the waters. The town of Elgin is also known for its beautiful mountain biking trails, which can be found through beautiful woodlands and waterfalls. There are also plenty of lakes where you can fish and camp nearby.

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5.     Merthyr Tydfil

Merthyr Tydfil is a beautiful town situated near the capital city of Wales, which is also home to the beautiful Brecon Beacons and the South Wales Valleys. It’s also home to some of the country’s best outdoor attractions, such as the Parkwood Outdoors Dolygaer and BikePark Wales.

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Where To Look For Cheap Land In The UK?

Getting a building plot can be hard, especially if you’re not able to find one. It could take a long time to find the perfect one. There are also various ways to make the process easier.

One of the most important factors to consider is where you want to focus your search. Having a definite area will allow you to narrow down your search and come across something that’s not on the market. Also, visit the area and put some time into exploring it.

If you’re not sure if there’s a buyer in the market, you might find that someone is willing to sell. However, before you start looking, make sure that the local council has approval for the planning applications. Use the internet to find land advertised on various sites such as Onthemarket, Plotsearch, and Rightmove.

Land agents can also help you find the land that’s ideal for you. They will contact you whenever something that’s available becomes available. Online auctioneers such as Allsop and Savills can also help you find the perfect property.


Why is it Worth to Buy Cheap Land in the UK

Despite the potential profitability of buying cheap land in the UK, it’s important to consider the long-term value of the property. Aside from being cheap, land is also a long-term investment. It’s important to ensure that the land is of good quality. 

A good quality land can also provide you with the necessary infrastructure to support your planned building projects. Its surrounding properties are also usually in good condition.


Final thoughts

Before you make a purchase, it’s important that you thoroughly inspect the land and get the necessary soil, drainage, and topography reports. Also, make sure that the covenants attached to the land are still in place. This can prevent private investors from making money from the rising value of the land. You can read more about buying land in the UK in our 2022 guide for helpful tips and recommendations on securing the best land for building your house.