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As the capital city of the Republic of Ireland, Dublin partners a strong economy with historical interest. It is amongst the top thirty world cities, according to the Globalisation and World Cities Research network. Dublin is an important financial centre for many commercial and retail businesses. 

For investors looking for property in Dublin, both residential and commercial, Novellus bridging loans in Dublin can help those talented businesses and individuals looking for short-term funding for property purchases and projects. 


What Is A Bridging Loan?

A bridging loan is a form of short-term finance that could, for example, allow you to purchase a property on short notice. The loan would be secured against an asset by the lender and the application process is usually a quick one, giving you almost immediate access to the cash you need.

Bridging finance can be used when a traditional mortgage may be unavailable for various reasons to bridge the funding gap while long-term finance is secured. Novellus Bridging is an unregulated lender, providing short-term loans to both businesses and individuals (landlords). 

The length of borrowing time for bridging loans is usually for periods ranging from several weeks to 12 months. However, the borrower can pay back a loan with Novellus in full at any time within the term without incurring any early repayment fees.




What Can Bridging Loans Be Used For

Bridging loans have multiple uses, including:

Property refurbishment


Investors in Dublin, on the lookout for commercial properties and business opportunities, may need a bridging loan. It can be a time-consuming process trying to obtain a traditional mortgage, so many investors look to bridging loans to provide the necessary funding to buy/renovate/develop properties in the short term.

Bridging Finance for auction purchases

Property investment

Auction Purchases

When purchasing at auction it is necessary to pay a deposit immediately, with the balance due twenty-eight days later. Bridging loans provided by Novellus allow investors to access funding quickly due to the quick approval process.


Quick turnaround bridging loans

Dublin can provide many investment opportunities for potential landlords. Bridging loans allow investors to purchase buy-to-let properties whilst they try to obtain long-term funding.

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Who Are Bridging Loans Suitable For? 

Bridging loans are suitable for anybody looking to invest in any type of property in Dublin who requires short-term and fast funding. As long as there is a clear repayment plan in place and a high-value asset to act as security, the application will be considered.

Bridging loans can be used for any purchases that require a quick decision, as well as for commercial property developers working on a range of projects, from small to multi-million-pounds investments. They provide the opportunity to buy quickly and allow time to secure long-term funding. Bridging loans are also a good option for those developers looking to purchase uninhabitable properties which do not currently qualify for a traditional mortgage or regulated loans.

Novellus offer unregulated bridging loans, ranging from €500,000 to €5,000,000+. Whilst most loans with Novellus are based on an LTV of 50 – 70%, we will consider LTVs of up to 90% in specific circumstances.

To help discover the approximate costs involved with a bridging loan, use our online bridging loan calculator for guidance.

The Benefits

Why choose Novellus for Bridging Finance


Who Can Apply For A Bridging Loan? 

We consider every application on an individual basis and provide a straightforward process. Anyone can apply for a bridging loan because we have no fixed products or criteria and base each application on its own merits when making a decision.

Novellus offers a stress-free application process.
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