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Swiftly delivering Bridging Finance solutions in the UK and Ireland since 2013

About Us

Novellus Bridging

Novellus Limited is an experienced private lender located in Dublin. Our dedicated team have vast experience in lending to the UK and Irish property market. Novellus Bridging is a trading name of Novellus Limited and the members of our team have been lending in the UK and Irish Bridging market for several years.

About Us

Secured Lender

Novellus Bridging is an unregulated lender and we provide loans secured against a wide range of investment assets including (but not limited to) buy to let and commercial properties, land (with or without planning) and properties requiring refurbishment or change of use.

About us

How can we help you?

We provide short term loans to both businesses and individuals and we use our own capital to directly lend into the Irish property market, as a result we can complete transactions within days of the initial enquiry by…

Underwriting on a case by case basis and having no restriction on criteria. We are a ‘common sense’ lender and can make swift decisions which benefit all parties, making the whole loan process very simple for the borrower

As we also manage our own property portfolio, we fully understand the needs of the borrower and the importance of offering high level commitment to deliver on funding, pricing, flexibility and speed of execution.