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REAL ESTATE Finance Provider

Short term Bridging and longer-term investment finance from €500,000 – €50m 



Lending Solutions

Lending does not need to be a complicated procedure which takes a painfully long time to complete. Novellus endeavours to streamline the process and, importantly, offer support to our borrowers throughout the lending journey. Uniquely, we offer comprehensive solutions backed by our own capital which helps us stand out from the crowd.


Introducers & Partners

As a lending partner, we will always be direct with our introducers as we fully appreciate that our actions can impact your relationships with borrowers. It’s a responsibility we take very seriously and we truly value the trust you are placing in us. We take a collaborative approach to finding the best solution and will always respond quickly and openly to any questions throughout the process.


What we do

Unrivalled flexibility and dealing directly with a decision maker from your first point of contact enables swift completion (within 48 hours in some cases). Since 2013, we have been seamlessly providing businesses and individuals with the financial boost they need to realise their projects. Delivering short-term loans using our own capital enables us to pivot and consider a much broader range of factors when committing to a loan.


The Novellus Team

Our team has vast, specialist experience as investors and developers, so we recognise the challenges of both the lender and the borrower. With such well-rounded expertise, we’re able to take clients on a journey that arrives at a solution swiftly and simply. We believe that having been on both sides of the table allows us to focus on what’s important to a borrower while protecting our interests as the lender.

About us

Let’s start helping you

The time and process often associated with many mainstream and specialist lenders can cause frustration and disruption for borrowers. Our experienced team pride themselves on simplifying even the most complex of proposals. 

Dealing immediately with a decision maker removes many of the execution risks that come from credit committees, external third party funding lines, etc. Using our own capital enables us to clearly communicate throughout the customer journey which provides certainty to our partners and clients. A ‘yes’ from Novellus really does mean ‘yes’.